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02/28/2015: Potok and Judt
02/10/2015: The Future
12/14/2014: Things that bring me joy VII: the razor
11/28/2014: Things that bring me joy VI: the spray bottle
10/05/2014: Best of SXSW `14
10/22/2013: Things that bring me joy V: the tea strainer
09/12/2013: St Gregory of Narek
04/10/2013: Buying and reonvating a house the hard way, Part VIII
04/02/2013: Buying and renovating a house the hard way, Part VII
03/30/2013: Buying and renovating a house the hard way, Part VI: the architect's triangle
03/26/2013: Buying and renovating a house the hard way, part V
03/22/2013: Buying and renovating a house the hard way, part IV: LUST
03/18/2013: Buying and renovating a house the hard way, part III
03/14/2013: Buying and renovating a house the hard way, part II
03/10/2013: Buying and renovating a house the hard way: part I
12/14/2012: Things that bring me joy IV: the wallet
12/09/2012: Things that bring me joy III: MSG
11/26/2012: Things that bring me joy II: the shoehorn
11/12/2012: Things that bring me joy I: the desk
11/04/2012: Best of SXSW 2012
10/30/2012: The back catalog
02/08/2012: DC is drastically under-dense
01/20/2012: Country music creeds
12/30/2011: The top 11 of `11 (part 2)
12/28/2011: The top 11 of `11 (part 1)
11/06/2011: Dear National Park Service,
07/27/2011: Against common sense
05/22/2011: On writing books: the pitch
03/28/2011: On writing books: what to write
10/14/2010: The combine
08/28/2010: Killing the trademark joke
07/10/2010: Rock star crushes I have had
06/08/2010: The Jews go back to Poland or Germany
06/02/2010: Poison ivy
04/30/2010: How you waste your time
04/10/2010: 100 recommendation letters
04/02/2010: Best of SXSW 2010
03/24/2010: The myth of the buyer's broker
02/19/2010: My life with tablet PCs
02/18/2010: The delicate illusion of play
02/12/2010: A paean to the keyboard
02/02/2010: Metro signage
01/10/2010: Be your own chocolatier
11/14/2009: Picking a cancer
10/24/2009: Suspicious closures
10/04/2009: Enforcing normalcy
09/26/2009: Amtrak policy on folding bikes
07/07/2009: The `Net's most conservative site
06/22/2009: In the land of invented languages
04/15/2009: My headphones: the social and political implications
04/04/2009: My headphones: saving my life more effectively
03/26/2009: The password arms race
03/18/2009: Best of SXSW `09
02/02/2009: The journalist and the horse race
12/24/2008: Columbia
11/28/2008: A high school geometry lesson
10/24/2008: Capital, liquidity, and the crash
10/10/2008: Velocity, risk, and the crash
09/24/2008: Causality and ethics
09/03/2008: Google OS (aka Chrome)
08/26/2008: Statistics as unbearable longing
08/06/2008: The two sides of the statistical war
07/02/2008: Still just parametrized models
06/26/2008: Data is typically not a plural
06/04/2008: Bloggers through history
04/24/2008: Unsolicited investment advice
03/22/2008: Best of SXSW 2008
02/20/2008: Hyperrational is boring
02/20/2008: NIH contracting: a how-to
01/18/2008: The tyranny of the majority: design edition
01/10/2008: On writing
12/24/2007: Social technology
12/14/2007: Academia doesn't scale
11/26/2007: Single-payer health care and transparency
10/29/2007: Suggestions for the ISO/IEC C committee
10/20/2007: Definition of a crackpot
10/14/2007: Why your drugs are not vegetarian
09/18/2007: How to write about being organized
09/14/2007: My immense disappointment with the software industry
08/30/2007: Neil Diamond, "America"
08/22/2007: My family
07/25/2007: Yahoo: a person lacking cultivation or sensibility
07/02/2007: The US Trade Representative: Not working for you
06/14/2007: Micronumerosity
06/12/2007: Your genetic data
06/06/2007: Here comes the ocean, and the global climate change
05/20/2007: GPL v3, Microsoft, Patents, and bloat
04/30/2007: Pricing information
04/14/2007: A tour of DC for Political Scientists
04/04/2007: Philosophizing from the bench
03/18/2007: Web 2.1
03/06/2007: The Best of SXSW
02/16/2007: How strict constructionism can be judicial activism
02/01/2007: My preface
01/20/2007: Mafias and bureaucracies
01/10/2007: Incremental Backup with Rsync
01/06/2007: Mafias and governments
12/14/2006: Taxing value
12/06/2006: The future of energy
11/28/2006: Navel-gazing entry II
11/21/2006: Is IBM evil?
11/14/2006: IT Policy for Organizations
11/05/2006: Crime rates and PR: an ode to Baltimore
10/28/2006: Peanut sauce
10/25/2006: Is Ruby halal?
10/18/2006: How to pick a computing language
10/04/2006: DJ Spinoza
09/21/2006: The refrigerator
09/10/2006: The statistics style report
08/28/2006: The hot new sound of Classical
08/24/2006: The continuing Byzantine-Ottoman war
08/10/2006: A time series analysis of Amazon sales rank
08/08/2006: The abject failure of IP PR
08/04/2006: The Pitchfork T-shirt Festival
07/24/2006: The n days war
07/16/2006: Toward a musical division of labor
07/14/2006: Wikieverything
06/24/2006: Patent reform update
06/18/2006: An open letter to GE PR
06/12/2006: Transparency vs effectiveness
06/02/2006: Policy recommendations for the World Bank
05/26/2006: Invariants
05/14/2006: The Web as human network
05/12/2006: Patents: an empirical hole
05/06/2006: The schism
04/26/2006: Paid to think
04/11/2006: Anti-intellectual
03/30/2006: R is slow
03/26/2006: Anatomy of an op-ed
03/20/2006: Dating music
03/10/2006: Etiquette for economists
02/26/2006: The examiners are not asleep
02/02/2006: Maureen Dowd's love life: a statistical analysis
01/29/2006: Green versus greed
01/20/2006: One server, a thousand laws
01/10/2006: Fall of the house of Simpson
01/08/2006: Why word is a terrible program
01/02/2006: Object-oriented programming in C
12/28/2005: Structure and play
12/26/2005: China visits the Library of Congress
12/12/2005: Teaching the debate
12/05/2005: A haphazard history of indie music
11/28/2005: Consume any good media lately?
11/24/2005: standards and decorum
11/18/2005: Tax subsidies for the wealthy, part 287
11/08/2005: Matching, failures of
11/02/2005: The cult of the inventor
10/30/2005: falsifiability
10/26/2005: physical property v intellectual property
10/15/2005: J
10/12/2005: An environmentalist in winter
10/06/2005: Why macroeconomics sucks
10/02/2005: An old sign
09/27/2005: Things I'll never do.
09/18/2005: In praise of not knowing
09/16/2005: My plans to become condescending
09/02/2005: Who is a liberal?
08/26/2005: The continuing demise of reasoned discourse
08/16/2005: How to shave
08/10/2005: Red lines, red lines
08/02/2005: Lawyers living up to their sterotypes
07/24/2005: How to free yourself of patriarchal fetters
07/22/2005: Take my program---please!
07/14/2005: Rewiring your ethics
07/08/2005: Some views on a paradigm
07/06/2005: Why I'd never make it as a libertarian
06/30/2005: To copy this essay, try CTRL-A, CTRL-C
06/27/2005: bundles of joy in a pit of despair
06/16/2005: Old
06/08/2005: We're not blocking traffic, we are traffic
06/02/2005: Being a tool of the Man
05/24/2005: Rules, rules, rules, rules, rules
05/14/2005: A cult I almost joined
05/10/2005: Colluding for a better world
05/06/2005: Overzenned
04/30/2005: The right to contract
04/26/2005: Asymmetries in bargaining
04/20/2005: Long term capital gains tax rate discounts and you
04/13/2005: More music recommendations
04/02/2005: Linkfest III
03/25/2005: Apartment hunting in Madrid
03/16/2005: Complementing your stats package with SQL
03/10/2005: Hot-headed over cell phones
03/05/2005: How to be an environmentalist in two steps
02/22/2005: The future of economics
02/18/2005: Desert island singles II
02/16/2005: Economists as mystics
02/12/2005: Apophenia
02/08/2005: Effluence
02/04/2005: How to foster innovation
01/30/2005: Desert island singles
01/28/2005: Music I'm not embarassed to like
01/26/2005: An apology
01/16/2005: Story telling versus progress
01/11/2005: The destructive beauty contest
01/04/2005: Painted lady beauty contest
12/20/2004: The design of the design of everyday things
12/14/2004: Sound, fury
12/06/2004: Risk v ambiguity
12/02/2004: The navel-gazing entry
11/21/2004: Linux on the Alienware Sentia, Asus M5N, or Uniwill 223II0
11/18/2004: Sharing a kitchen
11/13/2004: The death of the mystery of travel
11/06/2004: May I please be excused from the Holy War?
10/28/2004: Pre-election special
10/25/2004: How to live with multiple computers
10/20/2004: Why I don't go to record stores any more
10/14/2004: Does Economics make people evil?
10/08/2004: Ethical tacos
09/30/2004: How to be respected without really trying
09/23/2004: Linkfest II
09/16/2004: Cohen calls his tailor on the `phone
09/14/2004: Two stoves
09/09/2004: Neoclassicism watch
09/01/2004: Disneyfication in Oz
08/28/2004: I (heart) factor analysis!
08/22/2004: The politics of cheese
08/14/2004: Efficient laptopping
08/10/2004: Comparative advantage and capital
08/06/2004: A critique of critique
08/02/2004: A line about closing
07/28/2004: Rock!
07/20/2004: People should be paid to study poverty (but maybe not too much)
07/14/2004: RSS, again.
07/08/2004: Debate suggestions
07/02/2004: Business model
06/28/2004: A guest blog on Aladdin
06/22/2004: How I learned to stop worrying and love the escalation clause
06/18/2004: How a contract detail keeps DC Bubblicious
06/14/2004: How to survive in a world without silence
06/08/2004: Pensions
06/02/2004: Yet another entry about drug access restrictions.
05/28/2004: Why is the software market different from all others?
05/24/2004: My proposed solution to the conflicts surrounding Israel.
05/20/2004: The mechanics of martyrdom
05/18/2004: Accounting for humans
05/12/2004: Measuring attractiveness
05/10/2004: Two book reviews
05/04/2004: Moderate Economists II
04/30/2004: Why is the ETS lobbying against immigration?
04/28/2004: What you can do to alleviate poverty
04/26/2004: Moderate economists unite!
04/22/2004: RSS and objects
04/20/2004: How not to argue with conservatives
04/16/2004: Eye liner costs more per ounce than gold.
04/13/2004: Linkfest I
04/10/2004: Efficiency, poverty
04/10/2004: Externalities
04/06/2004: Instrumental music measures
03/30/2004: Floating in midair
03/26/2004: The mail bag
03/24/2004: My day
03/22/2004: Debating with Uncle Milt, Part II
03/16/2004: How to argue with a conservative, pt I
03/12/2004: A destructive myth
03/10/2004: Time vs money
03/06/2004: Huddled Catholic masses
03/02/2004: Micropayments
02/28/2004: A critique of R and S-PLUS
02/26/2004: Notes on the Fog of War
02/24/2004: A critique of Ralph Nader's platform
02/22/2004: Dear Nader supporter
02/16/2004: Government formation
02/10/2004: Status update
02/06/2004: A lament about bad design
02/02/2004: Why I like Prince
01/28/2004: Rants about nothing
01/24/2004: How to bid optimally on ebay.
01/22/2004: More on the dumbness of elections
01/20/2004: Why DC needs more Republicans
01/14/2004: The legacy of the French
01/10/2004: Go, Dubya
01/08/2004: I miss Pee-Wee
01/06/2004: Really, why I blog
01/02/2004: Why I blog
12/28/2003: Depressed, and taking you with me
12/22/2003: Conclusions about Israel (or lack thereof)
12/20/2003: How Israel exists
12/18/2003: Should Israel exist?
12/16/2003: Assorted updates
12/10/2003: How the Jewish Conspiracy works
12/04/2003: Left out in the cold
12/02/2003: RTFM [Read the manual]
11/28/2003: The perception of causation
11/24/2003: The CLT again
11/20/2003: The mosaic of the air
11/18/2003: The tyranny of the little bar
11/12/2003: Sympathy for the RIAA
11/10/2003: Variable Declarations
11/04/2003: I broke a tooth.
10/28/2003: Internet as television
10/24/2003: They say I've got brains, but they ain't doing me no good.
10/22/2003: I just wasn't made for these times
10/20/2003: An annoying economist trick
10/16/2003: Like the Bossa Nova, love should swing.
10/14/2003: Dear reader,
10/10/2003: ``In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.''
10/09/2003: Here is some text for you to enjoy.
09/16/2003: Today I am a blog.