You are a cow. You used to lead a pretty OK life, eating grass, sleeping, maybe a growth hormone injection from time to time. You understood your purpose in life---getting fat so that somebody could eat you some day---and you were OK with that, in a queasy sort of way. But ever since being infected with Mad Cow disease, nobody's wanted to come near you. So they decided to put you to use in Cambodia, of all places, where 11 million landmines litter the countryside. According to those chattering humans, your new role is to `find' the mines.

In cowsweeper, you play the befuddled cow, trundling through a grid of Cambodian boxes. Being a cow, you have no interest at all in finding out where the mines are, but the field does have some good clumps of grass. You begin in the corner of the field, and step square by square (diagonals are OK), until you eat all of the grass in the field. Then you can take a nap.

However, it is a minefield, and cows, unlike cats, only have three lives. Your cow senses tell you how many of the eight squares around you are mined; this number is listed as the `threat' of the square you're on, at the top of the screen. After you step off of a square, the square's threat is listed on the square itself.

That's the life of the cow. Now go get some grass.

Technical note

If your browser is Java-enabled (don't forget to check your settings), then the game should start at the top of the screen as soon as your browser gets around to it. Your other alternative is to download the program and install it to a device running PalmOS.

Source code

Here is the source code. If you have problems with it, there are some tips for compiling and writing at Wabasoft's website. The source is under the same GPL as the Waba VM. rated this game: